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Healer’s Potion Intention Oil

Healer’s Potion Intention Oil

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The Healer’s Potion spends 7 intimate days in the sun and 7 nights under the moon. There are 7 small Clear Quartz Crystals inside to wash and keep as a representation of the new cleansed and clear energy formed after using the healing oil. The number 7 represents the focus and intention of the Chariot as well as a deep understanding of the connections in the world around us.

The first recipe in a series of intention oils to be released. This oil was made with the intention to cultivate healing, love, and goodwill between two separate energies or with Oneself. We recommend using this intention oil weekly with your partner as a massage oil. Practice speaking affirmations to one another while visualizing future plans together. Mention the things you love that you sometimes forget. You can also create an equally fulfilling experience alone. Focus. Be love. Believe in the power of intention.

A Few Ingredients You’ll Love
(not all ingredients are listed due to sacredness of recipe)

Black Castor Oil: promote circulation & healing to tissue and organs under the skin

Lemongrass Essential Oil: lower blood pressure, regulate anxiety, improve mindfulness in meditation, clear negativity

Bay Leaves: promote inspiration, improve spiritual vision, & intuition

White Sage Sticks: clear spiritual impurities & pathogens

Clear Quartz Crystals: cleanse internal organs & create enlightened wisdom